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Based in New York's Hudson Valley region only an hour from Manhattan, TriFilm Pictures is a boutique production group specializing in bringing together the necessary creative and technical elements for projects across media fields. With credits ranging from independent short and feature films to music videos and corporate promotions, our localized network of writers, directors and creative technicians help us to provide quality and affordable services for artists, entrepreneurs and businesses. 

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Kalen Eriksson

Executive Producer, Founder

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Kalen is responsible for overseeing the creative and technical aspects of production from start to finish for every project TriFilm Pictures takes on.  From his time with 21st Century Fox to his current position in production management with Fox Film's Blue Sky Studios, Kalen's networking within Manhattan and the tri-state area allows for a wide variety of talent, locations and resources for any given production.

The TriFilm Pictures crew was amazing to work with from pre-production all through completion of our work with them. Their flexibility and willingness to work with our group made this experience an easy and memorable one. I look forward to working with them again in the future.  

Frank Perrin / Founder, Lead Choreographer / East Coast Combative Arts


This team did great work and provided a very high quality video and a very reasonable price. They were efficient and listened to all of our concerns and ideas and were able to illustrate that perfectly into a perfectly timed commercial! Thank you!

Dan Hennessy / Trainer / K Strength Sports Training


I had the pleasure of working with Kalen on a narrative short film that the LIU Writing Dept and Media Arts students were shooting. I was looking for a location scout and after having a conversation with Kalen, I knew he would be perfect. The production was 3 weeks away from shooting and Kalen was able to find some great locations for the production! We were able to use the locations Kalen suggested, 3 out of the 5 days of shooting. Kalen has a upbeat demeanor and his work ethic is impeccable. I'm looking forward to having another opportunity to work with him!

- Ronissha Marskman / Production Coordinator

Kalen was Executive Producer on a short film for which I wrote and directed. From the first day of filming I knew I made the right choice. He was always professional, punctual, and kept everyone going. He stuck to our call sheets and made sure everything was happening on time. His professionalism was very much appreciated when the shoot may have had to be canceled. It was however able to be finished with his help, and could not have been done without him. I would highly recommend Kalen and hope to work with him again.

- Jacob Wasiak / Director

Kalen was an excellent, enthusiastic, highly organized director on "Alejandro," a film he directed and also wrote, an imaginative and exciting retelling of this iconic Lady Gaga music video. That he was still a student, just finishing his film-making degree, made how he worked all the more impressive. Some people go into the arts for the fame, the glory, but others go into it for the love of it, a passion for it; they go into it with a deep seriousness and a deep commitment, and Kalen clearly lives in this latter camp.

- Christopher Calliope / Actor / Writer

Kalen is professional, organized, and kind. He's very thorough in his work and really easy to be around. He's an effective communicator and would be a great addition to any production. Don't hesitate to hire him.

- Meredith Burns / Actor

Kalen is an extremely good Cameraman & Editor. His qualities will bring him huge success. I will be proud to have had him work for me... This guy is phenomenal...

- Sean Lumsden-Cook / Owner / Video & Media Services

Kalen was the producer for my senior thesis film at Fairleigh Dickinson University. He is very professional and a effective communicator. He is very dedicated and an excellent problem solver. I hope to work with him again in the future.

David Webber / Director

Kalen exceeded all of my expectations on my last film. The film wouldn't have been completed without him. If you need anything done that requires management of assets, time, or crew then Kalen is the man you want.

- Robert Brown, Digital Asset Manager, Bowstring Studios

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