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In ancient Norse tradition, one can only find their way to the afterlife through a death earned in the heat of battle. So goes the story of Einar, an aged warrior who has surpassed all others in combat, and in the last stage of this life must set out in search of his own lasting memorium- to achieve that which he hopes for in death.

Directed By Tyler Mahoney

Produced by Kalen Eriksson


Faced with terminal illness, an ailing writer leaves his home in search of his last great story. On his journey, Rowen meets a young woman who sparks his appreciation for life and the world around him.

Directed by Josh Rubenstein

Produced by Kalen Eriksson



Rapidly deterioating from a terminal disease, Susan struggles to develop a cure. When her clinic denies he request for immediate testing of her work, she forfeits the lives all of those around her to achieve her survival.

Directed by David Padilla

Produced by Kalen Eriksson



Nina awakens in alone in a hospital, unaware of how or why she is there. A lawyer examining her case finds that her past may be much darker than she suggests. An imaginative retelling of the song by artist Lady Gaga.

Produced and Directed by Kalen Eriksson


A series of gruesome deaths lead the eccentric Danni on a vengeful spree across her college campus in search of the culprit.

Directed by Max Werkmeister  

Produced by Kalen Eriksson



An injured federal agent must go back into the field to stop an escaped terrorist from executing a series of attacks on the United States.

Directed by David Padilla & Kalen Eriksson

Produced by Kalen Eriksson


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