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Motion Picture

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide  a high standard of quality through means of in-house creativity and innovation. The Hudson Valley region of New York is frequented by large budget films for its wide range of picturesque landscapes and creative resources. Here, we provide access to this beautiful region while still maintaining a close proximity to distribution and screening outlets in and around New York City.






For Your Business

TriFilm Pictures offers a wide variety of production packages. Not only do we service short and feature length narrative work, but also promotional materials for businesses and event venues. These packages include everything from preproduction conceptualization to the equipment, personnel and other various resources needed to bring your vision to life. Our network of Writers, Directors, camera and electrical technicians as well as nonunion and SAG affiliated talent are outsourced to your project depending on your individual needs. 




Post Production

We are very proud to offer a full editing suite for the projects we take on. Experienced in Final Cut VII, X, Adobe Suite, Avid and DaVinci Resolve, our team of editors and graphic designers can be utilized for not only your post-production but also distribution.




 Contact Us

with details on your project. We work closely with you to customize the most efficient and affordable production package there is to offer, and provide competitive rates on otherwise costly ventures for businesses and independent creative professionals.

Looking to start a new project?

Fill out our contact form or call us at 845.283.8571


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