Beginning as just a backyard name for a group of childhood friends, Sony Handicams and LEGO stop motions, TriFilm Pictures is a full-service, boutique production house specializing in narrative creative storytelling. From the first script draft to the final picture edit, we balance the art with the business; committed to creating engaging, meaningful content.


Officially launched in 2015, we provide you, independent creatives and business professionals, the resources, personnel, and creative oversight needed to make your vision a reality. From our internationally acclaimed film work to music videos and corporate digital marketing, our team places story above all else.




Kalen Eriksson

Producer, Founder

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Kalen is responsible for overseeing the creative and logistical aspects of production from start to finish for every project TriFilm Pictures takes on.  From his time with 21st Century Fox to working in production management with Disney's Blue Sky Studios, Kalen's networking within Manhattan and the tri-state area allows for a wide variety of talent, locations and resources for any given production.

"As a producer, Kalen has great communication skills and has strong performance in pre production. He is very punctual, organised, and efficiently manages all operations. His extensive knowledge on locations in New York is extremely beneficial as he helped me find the best location for my movie. Being in the film/media industry for years, he has an extensive network of actors and crew members. He paid great attention to my needs and appreciated my vision. I am thankful for his efficiency."

Ece Cakiroglu, Director

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Norwegian Seagull I
BEST SHORT - Scandinavian International
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Garden State Intern
BEST IN SHOW - SVA Directors Exhibition
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Hudson Valley Drive
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Short Stop Internat


FEW OF MANY (2021)

Short Film

In a world stricken by a deadly plague causing infertility, one couple hires a surrogate mother to keep their dream for a future alive. However, when she disappears, they are forced to confront the past of that relationship, while desperately searching for their infant daughter.

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CRACKS (2020)

Short Film

An accomplished psychiatrist is visited by a mysterious patient claiming to know her since childhood. She is subsequently host to a string of patients who all may hold the key to this deeply hidden truth.


Short Film

A bizarre string of peacock murders at a local aviary leads a detective and his partner to the door of a reclusive hermit and his son. The truth of these murders leads them to a disturbing darkness masked by a beautiful facade.



Short Film

When an aspiring pilot is unexpectedly let go from his job, he resolves to not allow those around him to dictate the path of his life. One way or another, he will fulfill his dream to fly.

EINAR (2016)

Short Film

Mourning the loss of his wife and yearning for the glory of his youth, an aged Viking warrior sets out into the wilderness to find his honor- or die. 

THE BIRTH (2021)

Short Film

An elderly woman suffering from dementia struggles to remember her family. When her caregiver brings her an unexpected birthday surprise, new light is brought to the beautiful memories of her past.

MEDUSA (2020)

Music Video, Short

The legend of the serpentine monster, Medusa, takes on a new form as men are lured to her remote island. Only after Perseus arrives, does she find one with the strength to resist her deadly gaze.

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Short Film

terminally ill heiress is suddenly bombarded by her self absorbed and petulant family upon realizing they had been left out of the will. The vodka is poured, the fights ensue, and the truth is finally revealed.


Music Video, Short

A murdered Egyptian queen appeals to the god Anubis to

raise her from the dead, and assist her in taking revenge on

her treacherous lover.

ROWAN (2015)

Short Film

Stricken with an incurable cancer, a famed writer leaves his home in the hopes of finding his last story. On his travels, he meets a young woman who helps him rediscover the beauty in life. 


Music Video, Short

After a young woman wakes up from a coma, she is released from medical care- unaware of her dangerous and deadly past that was waiting to re-emerge. 


Short Film

When an ALS stricken doctor is desperate for a cure to her disease, she inadvertently releases a contagion that threatens the lives of all in the facility. 


Short Film

After a quirky and neurotic student discovers something sinister terrorizing her campus, she must convince her friends help her hunt it- before it's too late. 


Based out of New York's gorgeous Hudson Valley region, we provide our clients with the best of both worlds: city talent at a more affordable rate. Locations ranging from conventional studio spaces to mountain, towns, cities, and airports are all conveniently located within an hour outside of Manhattan. With the New York State tax credits and the sheer diversity of talent in the area, we offer tremendous production value and resources suited for projects of any size.



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