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Beginning as just a backyard name for a group of childhood friends, Sony Handicams and LEGO stop motions, TriFilm Pictures is a full-service, boutique production house specializing in narrative creative storytelling. From the first script draft to the final picture edit, we balance the art with the business; committed to creating engaging, meaningful content.


Officially launched in 2015, we provide you, independent creatives and business professionals, the resources, personnel, and creative oversight needed to make your vision a reality. From our internationally acclaimed film work to music videos and corporate digital marketing, our team places story above all else.




Kalen Eriksson

Producer, Founder

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Kalen is responsible for overseeing the creative and logistical aspects of production from start to finish for every project TriFilm Pictures takes on.  From his time with 21st Century Fox to working in production management with Disney's Blue Sky Studios, Kalen's networking within Manhattan and the tri-state area allows for a wide variety of talent, locations and resources for any given production.

"I had the pleasure of working with TriFilm Pictures on my recent film, and I was really happy with their work. Kalen was incredibly professional and very knowledgeable, and he went above and beyond to make sure my vision was realized, given the tight timeline and schedule of our project.
I would highly recommend TriFilm Pictures to anyone looking for a top-notch production company. They are a talented and dedicated team who will go the extra mile to make your project a success."

Adam Mackie, Director

End of Story (2023)

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Norwegian Seagull I
BEST SHORT - Scandinavian International
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Garden State Intern
BEST IN SHOW - SVA Directors Exhibition
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Hudson Valley Drive
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Short Stop Internat


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Short Film, Post Production

A renowned mystery writer secludes himself to a winter cabin in the hopes of overcoming the writer's block on his next novel. Progressively, the characters he's creating begin to visit him in his solitude, demanding to dictate how their portrayals should really be; threatening to take over entirely.


Short Film, Post Production

In a not-so-distant dystopian future, Petra values being zero-waste above all else. She undergoes a procedure to transfer her consciousness to a digital space - eliminating her physical existence. But, before long, she begins to realize the world had more beauty than she gave it credit for, and struggles to recapture her physical identity.

FEW OF MANY (2021)

Short Film

In a world stricken by a deadly plague causing infertility, one couple hires a surrogate mother to keep their dream for a future alive. However, when she disappears, they are forced to confront the past of that relationship, while desperately searching for their infant daughter.

THE BIRTH (2021)

Short Film

An elderly woman suffering from dementia struggles to remember her family. When her caregiver brings her an unexpected birthday surprise, new light is brought to the beautiful memories of her past.

Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 10.59.19 PM.png

CRACKS (2020)